Family DR/ Parenting Coordination/ Child Consultant

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is a special type of Mediation. FDR assists separated parents to make workable arrangements for the care of their children.

Many parents make arrangements for their children at FDR, without going to Court.

Dr Henry Netscher also provides Coaching services to assist parents with the FDR process, where the Mediation is conducted by another Mediator.

We recommend that you obtain legal advice before to coming to FDR.

What is an FDRP?

An FDRP is a Mediator with specialist skills in assisting separated parents to resolve parenting disputes. FDR is a confidential process.

The FDRP assists parents to focus their communication on the best interests of the children.

Dr Henry Netscher is an FDRP and is authorized to provide you with a Section 60i Certificate. You’ll require this Certificate to ask the Court to make Parenting Orders about your children.

An FDRP can record your parenting arrangements as a Parenting Plan.

What is a Parenting Coordinator?

A Parenting Coordinator is a trained professional who assists parents to implement the terms of the Parenting Plan/ Consent Orders/ Parenting Orders.

Parents can choose to opt-in to Parenting Coordination by calling Opt-In Mediation for more information,


the Court may order parents to attend Parenting Coordination.

For Court -ordered Parenting Coordination, sessions are scheduled once per month for the period set by the Court.

What is a Child Consultant?

A Child Consultant is a specially trained professional who is skilled in interviewing children of separated parents to enable the child to share what it is like to be them, in particular how ongoing parental conflict is affecting them.

During the consultation, the child may draw pictures, play with toys, make story stems, and share their burdens and hopes. The child is never asked to make decisions.

The Child Consultant participates in child-inclusive/ informed Mediation (CIM) by bringing the child’s voice into the mediation process.

Agreement types in Parenting Matters:

  • Informal agreement. You decide on the arrangements for your children. This is not legally binding nor enforceable.
  • Parenting Plan: You decide on the arrangements for your children. This is not legally binding however the Court must take into account the terms of the most recent Parenting Plan in deciding the terms of a Parenting Order
  • Consent Orders: You decide on the arrangements for your children. Your Lawyer may draft your Parenting Plan into Consent Orders to be submitted to the Court. Consent Orders are binding and enforceable.
  • Parenting Order: The Court decides on the arrangements for your children. These are legally binding and enforceable. You’ll require a Section 60i Certificate to apply for Parenting Orders. An FDRP is the only person who can issue a Section 60i Certificate.