Different dispute-types require different Dispute Resolution approaches:

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) Coaching ParentingCoordinator and ChildConsultant

FDRP: Assisting parents to make arrangements for their children.

Parenting Coordinator: Assisting parents to implement the Parenting Plan/ Orders

Child Consultant: Interviews the child and brings the child’s voice into Child- Informed FDR/ Mediation (CIM)

Property Mediation and Coaching

Assisting separated couples to achieve just and equitable property settlements.

Workplace Mediation and Conflict Management Coaching

Assisting workplaces and organizations to manage conflict.

Health & Medical Mediation and Dispute Resolution Coaching

Mediation and Dispute Resolution Coaching are beneficial in healthcare settings, in particular when a conflict arises between the patient/ parents/ carer and the medical professionals.